Loxeal awarded “Imprese Champion 2020”

1000 Excellent Italian Companies

The Italian magazine L’Economia by Corriere della Sera published the research run by ItalyPost about the best performing companies from 2012 to 2018, analyzing the balance sheets of the companies with an annual turnover from 20 to 500 million (€).

Loxeal is one of the awarded companies, for the prize “1.000 imprese champion” 2020 edition.

It’s with great pleasure that we share this award with our Employees, Associates, Clients, Suppliers, Scientific and Technologic Partners, today even more confident on our choice to be innovation driven and excellence oriented.

Today and for the future Loxeal is still focused on continuous innovation and improvement of products and services. Investments aim to consolidate the company organization and to international development.  On November 2018 we opened the Blue Center Innovation Technology, Loxeal research and development center, where we’re already managing projects with Italian and International companies as well as technical and scientific institutions.

Finally, our President, Paolo Grossi’s words: “We’re a reliable technological partner and we work every day to develop innovative products and projects in order to satisfy our Customers application needs. We want to continue on this path, working for continuous improvement at each level.”


To see the research: www.italypost.it/aziende/

More articles (in Italian): https://www.italypost.it/le-1-000-imprese-champion-ci-porteranno-dalla-nuova-crisi/