New @ Loxeal – Istant Flex Adhesives

Loxeal Istant Flex are a new concept in the field of cyanoacrylate adhesives offering flexibility and sealing properties whilst maintaining speed of a regular cyanoacrylate.

Istant Flex are modified cyanoacrylates with different elongation rates of up to 500% and a soft to medium/hard consistency. Thanks to their flexibility they’re capable of bonding soft and porous substrate materials, helping to maintain the flexibility and uniformity of the bonded materials.

Key Feautures and Benefits

  • Highly flexible
  • Single component – no mixing required
  • Solvent-free – to minimize workplace hazard
  • Moisture cure mechanism – no curing equipment required
  • Fills porosities
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Ideal for use on dissimilar surfaces
  • Clear, colorless appearance
  • Available in a range of different viscosities
  • High elongation, up to 500%

Main industries

  • Bonding rubber belts and O rings
  • Temporary repairing belts in industrial plants
  • Gasketing for windows frames
  • Sealing plastic screws
  • Bonding loud-speakers’ cones
  • Neoprene (Suits and medical devices)
  • Fabrics for forniture
  • Bonding tarps (circus, trucks, curtains)
  • Bonding flexible doors in industrial plants
  • Exterior curtains and tents
  • Bouncy play-grounds for children
  • Bonding soft PVC
  • Bonding costume jewellery
  • Bonding rubber on carbon-fiber (automotive)
  • Medical devices (ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity approval can be obtained)
  • Assembling foams (i.e. sport or protective masks.

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