New @ Loxeal – Acrylic MMA Adhesives

MMA adhesives (Methyl Methacrylate) are 2-part structural acrylic, fast curing at room temperature.

They’re very versatile and suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates: metals, magnets, plastic, glass, rubber and composites.

Thanks to their toughness they can resist the stresses of differential thermal expansion when bonding different materials and the thermal shocks. They offer excellent shear and impact strength, and better peeling and temperature resistance if compared with other structural adhesives.

Key Benefits

  • Toughened – they offer good impact resistance and peel and shear strength
  • Can be used to bond dissimilar metals, ceramics, glass, composites and plastics
  • Can be used with or without mixing nozzle
  • Rapid room temperature cure
  • Faster strength development than epoxy adhesives
  • Lower exotherm, with result of less smell, less stress on substrates, reduced “witness” or “show-through” marks
  • Thermal shock resistance

Main industries

  • Signs, shop fitting and display manufacturers
  • Lift and stairlift manufacturers
  • Sports equipment manufacturers
  • Manufacturers making aluminium goods
  • Acrylic parts manufactures
  • Loudspeakers, microphones, earpieces
  • Bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • LEDs, lenses
  • Building facade manufacturers/fitters
  • Vehicle converters and fitters
  • Composites manufacturers

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